Cleaning, Voicing and Regulation
What is Piano Service?

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Cleaning, Voicing and Regulation
What Is Piano Service?

Wonderful Piano Service!
“Prestige Piano provides wonderful piano service. They are knowledgeable, experienced, conscientious, and professional. My family's approximately 60-year-old Wurlitzer may well last indefinitely under the care and maintenance of Prestige Piano. I can't imagine using any other piano service! Thank you!”

-Tammy Mata
1950 Wurlitzer Piano Owner

Outstanding Service!
“The Prestige Piano team was very professional, courteous, and knowledgable. They got our piano going in no time. I will certainly use their services again. Thanks a million Prestige!”

-David Fowler
Piano Owner

Job well done!
“They very informative and helpful. Thanks to them, my old piano that has been in the family for generations is coming back to life and sounding great! I am a piano teacher and I will definitely be recommending Prestige to my students for all of their piano service needs!”

-Christian Parkess
Piano Owner

Excellent Service!
“ My technician was very knowledgeable. He was very patient and friendly and answered any questions I had. He did an excellent job with my piano. I will absolutely use them again....”

-Carrie Calder
Piano Owner

Great Service!
“My tech was great. Very polite to my family and the piano sounds amazing! Easy to schedule and best price in the area. I will definitely use Prestige again...”

-David W.
Piano Owner

What You Didn’t Want To Know...
Pianos are one of the most complex instruments in exsistance. Most piano owners don’t even tune their pianos, much less service them. At Prestige Piano we aim to change that. The above pictures aren’t stock photos, they’re actual before and after pics of customer pianos and this is an everyday encounter for our technicians. When did you last have your piano throughly cleaned? If you haven’t had it serviced chances are either did the previous owners. That means there’s probably a germ party right under your keys. You weren't invited and trust us thats a good thing, that thick dust like substance in the above pictures contains more than just rat feces, dead roaches and human skin. We’ve found everything from a $2 lotto ticket and condoms to a petrified rat corpse. Before you ask the most obvious question, Yes it was a winner. Must of slipped inside the piano before they got their $2.00 cash prize.

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That dust works its way into over 550 moving joints and 325 springs. That’s when the real party starts. Combined with humidity and the water content of the wood inside your piano dust starts causing sticky keys, sluggish hammers and a host of other problems. The only way to get it out is with the right equipment and a fragile touch. We’ve been inside over 1,000 pianos and know exactly how to clean every crevice. All of our service packages include a deep cleaning with both an agile vacuum and compressed air. After we remove the dust, dirt and random objects from your piano we coat all exposed wood with a lubricant and a moisture protectant.

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A piano is a very precise instrument. The Piano Action (The assembly of moving parts inside your piano) take a small amount of energy from the tip of your finger and convert it into a wide range of dynamic sounds. Pianos have well over 500 points of regulation. A regulation point is any point on a piano that consist of a wearable or movable piece of wire, felt or leather. As these points move and wear they are made to be adjustable in order to compensate for the wear or movement. 50-70% of pianos we come in contact with have been out of regulation for years and the owners simply did not know what their piano could really play like.

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While they overall sound of your piano is the string vibration reflecting off of the soundboard. The tone of your piano is decided by the hammers that strike the strings. To put it simply the density of the hammer hitting the string is going to decide whether your piano sounds bright or warm. A bright sounding piano is often referred to as “tinny” sounding. With use your piano hammers develop grooves or indentations in them. This is from the millions of strikes against the steel strings. Unlike action felts hammers do not wear, they compact. The deeper the grooves the more dense the hammer is. The more dense the hammer the harder they are and therefor the brighter they sound. In reality most pianos can have whatever tone you would like them to as long as your piano technician is skilled and understand how to voice hammer properly. Indentations need to be reshaped or the hammer need to be treated to expand so the tone can be restored to the original warmth or to the desire of the piano owner.

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Cleaning Service

For piano not serviced in 1-2 years
$ 125 One-Time Service
  • Complete Disassembly
  • High Pressure Action Cleaning
  • Key-bed Cleaning & Lubrication
  • Soundboard Cleaning
  • Internal Vacuuming

Cleaning & Regulation

For pianos not serviced in 2-3 years
$ 275 One-Time Service
  • Complete Cleaning Service ($125 Value)
  • Full Action Service ($100 Value)
  • Torque 265 Screws
  • Inspect 325 Springs
  • Lubricate 550 Moving Joints
  • Complete Action Regulation ($175 Value)
  • Adjust 264 Points of Regulation

Complete Piano Service

For pianos not serviced in 4-5 years
$ 399 One-Time Service
  • Complete Cleaning Service ($125 Value)
  • Action Service & Regulation ($275 Value)
  • Hammer Voicing ($199 Value)
  • Reshaping 88 Hammers
  • Hammer Density Alteration (as needed)

Reconditioning Package

For pianos not serviced in 6+ years
$ 499 One-Time Service
  • Complete Cleaning Service ($125 Value)
  • Action Service & Regulation ($275 Value)
  • Hammer Voicing ($199 Value)
  • Felt Reconditioning Treatment
  • Reduces Action Noise

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Whether you’re wanting to service your Grandmother’s 100 year old piano in Downtown Dallas or recently purchased a quality use piano in Uptown we would love to earn your business. We have clients in Highland Park, Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville and all over Texas. Many of these clients have used us for years. We service to all Dallas zip codes including Fair Park area, Oak Cliff, Bishop Arts District, Preston Hollow, and University Park.